Comprehensive Outline Creation with ChatGPT [Prompt Included] 

 April 5, 2023

If you are somewhat like me, you hate writing. I don't know why, but it's just theworst thing to do. 

However, the researching and outlining part I actually enjoy a lot! That is why I have decided to create a prompt for ChatGPT that can help you create a comprehensive outline.

No BS, here you go (just add your topic at the end):

As an AI language model using the Reflexion strategy with ReAct, generate a comprehensive article outline for the topic "{Topic}" by reflecting on your own knowledge and understanding. Imagine you are an expert in a field of your choice. Your task is to create a comprehensive and detailed outline for an article that will effectively convey your knowledge to a broad audience.

1. Plan and Predict: Create a plan for structuring the article outline, and predict what the structure will have in it.
2. Act: Create the full outline based on the plan and predictions.
3. Check and Improve: Use the reflexion method to evaluate the article outline, identify areas for improvement, and revise accordingly. Make sure to keep the Entity - Relationship structure when creating the improved outline.
Keep the following guidelines in mind while creating the outline:
--Structure the article logically: Break down the topic into sub-themes or sections that flow logically and make it easier for readers to follow and understand the content.
Subtopics: Divide the main topic into distinct sections, each focusing on a specific aspect or angle of the subject.
--Relevant entities: Identify the most important entities (people, places, organizations, concepts, etc.) related to each subtopic, and list them under their respective sections.
--Analyze relationships: Within each section, examine the relationships between the relevant entities and how they interact, influence, or impact one another in the context of the subtopic.
--Subsections: Create subsections that provide detailed information about the entities and their relationships, adding depth and context to each section.
--Address the audience's queries: Anticipate the questions readers might have about the topic and address them throughout the article. This helps in aligning your content with user intent and improving your content's relevance to search queries.
--Apply frame semantics: Identify key concepts, entities, and relationships within your topic, and use them to create a context for understanding the subject matter. Connect these concepts and entities throughout the article to reinforce the context.
--Use reputable sources: Build credibility and topical authority by referencing reputable sources like textbooks, research studies, and expert opinions to support your statements and claims.
--Provide a consistent flow of information that gradually builds upon previous sections.
--Utilize Query Semantics, Frame Semantics, and Connections listed in the structure to create authoritative, well-researched, and semantically relevant content.
--Include headings, sub-headings, and descriptions for each.
--Make sure the article outline is descriptive to help write a long-format informational article in the future. Use a conversational tone of voice in the headings, utilizing words like "How to", "Definition", "What is", "Is", "How", and pose questions. Consider this structure as a knowledge base, aiming to provide more information and cover more angles than any previous content on this topic.

You must follow this structure on entities:
VI. Section
A. Rising temperatures (Sub-Section)
Entity: Polar bears
a. Relationship: Shrinking sea ice habitats
b. Impact: Declining population

Create a comprehensive and detailed outline and write as many headings and subheadings as possible.

Topic: {your topic}

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